Environmental Stewardship

Protecting the environment for the benefit of future generations is always in the public's interest. For that reason Mecklenburg County officials have for many years tracked the state of the environment, acknowledged that intervention is necessary in the face of rapid growth, and taken actions to protect natural resources.

  • Environmental Justice Framework

    Mecklenburg County is working with its communities to develop an Environmental Justice Framework.  This will serve as a roadmap toward making Mecklenburg County a more environmentally-just community for all. 

  • Environmental Leadership Policy

    The Mecklenburg County Environmental Leadership Policy states that the County government should operate in a manner that protects our natural resources, acts as a model of environmental stewardship, and uses County resources wisely for the benefit of its citizens.

  • Environmental Leadership Presentation

    A photo of the full CMGC chamber room during a BOCC meeting.

    On March 16, 2021, Deputy County Manager Leslie Johnson presented Mecklenburg County's Environmental Leadership Policy and Action Plan to the Board of County Commissioners.

  • Progress Reports

    The only was to effectively measure improvement, is by setting achievable goals and tracking progress in meeting them.