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Affordable Housing Initiatives

Aimed at preventing homelessness, obtaining and sustaining permanent housing, and increasing the stock of affordable housing.

Mecklenburg County is partnering with commercial and community agencies to create options for those who need affordable housing. Programs and initiatives have been identified to help prevent homelessness, secure permanent housing and increase the stock of affordable housing. Work is being carried in the following five areas and progress is tracked through the Affordable Housing Initiatives Dashboard.

  • Eviction Prevention and Diversion Assistance

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    In partnership with Legal Aid of North Carolina and Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy, the County provides eviction prevention services to low-income people, Goals:

    • Educate tenants and landlords about their rights, improving rental agreements
    • Prevent evictions from reaching the courts when possible
    • Redirect existing cases away from formal legal proceedings by using a combination of services.
  • Aging in Place

    Senior adult couple reading at home.

    Several programs and initiatives are available to help senior adults remain in their homes. 

    Critical Home Repair

    • Allows homeowners to feel safe, secure and age in place 
    • Completes major safety and structural repairs 

    HOMES Program

    • Assists low-to-moderate income homeowners with economic support
    • Grants equal to 25% of last tax bill, not to exceed $340 
  • Rental Subsidy

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    Rental subsidy programs provide supportive services to assist homeless households, helping them maintain housing stability.


    • MeckHome - Provides rapid rehousing to families, youth and individual households who are homeless
    • Link Housing - Provides long-term shelter guests with transitional housing 
    • Keeping Families Together- Provides permanent supportive housing to families with housing instability and/or frequent interactions with the child welfare and homeless systems
    • Housing for Good - Provides rapid rehousing services for families fleeing domestic violence
    • Criminal Justice Services Re-entry Program- Transitional housing is offered as part of the Re-Entry Services program for homeless adult clients re-entering after a period of incarceration 
  • Neighborhood Redevelopment & Revitalization

    Redevelopment and revitalization efforts are currently being carried out through two plans: the East Huntersvile Area Development Plan and the Smithville Revitalization Plan.

    East Huntersville Area Development Plan

    • Protects existing historic neighborhoods
    • Integrates various development initiatives 
    • Explores the potential for transit-oriented development
    • Develops a system of open space, trails and recreation areas

    Smithville Revitalization Plan

    • Protects vulnerable, low-income seniors who have no place to go if displaced  
    • Creates housing that will be available to lower-income workers employed locally 
    • Affirms that Cornelius is open and welcoming to all incomes and ethnicities  
    • Allows for mixed income housing
  • New Housing Developments

    Multi-family housing under construction

    The County and its partners have made investments in several new housing developments, including multi-family units, senior adult housing units and long-term subsidized housing units. 

  • Affordable Housing Initiatives Dashboard

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    The County uses the Affordable Housing Initiatives Dashboard to track the progress and effectiveness of current programs and as guidance for developing future initiatives.