Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) is a division of the County Managers Office. BPM was formed in 2007 to support County departments with the execution of improvement initiatives. The team is comprised of internal Six Sigma Process Consultants who utilize a customer-focused, strategic approach that targets operational efficiencies, service delivery optimization, and quality improvement opportunities. Services are provided in the following areas:

Program/Service Assessment​

A high level evaluation which focuses on the current operating environment. Current business operations are evaluated, documented and improvement opportunities are identified. 

Process Improvement

A data-driven quality strategy used to improve existing processes. A DMAIC project follows a systematic approach to determine root causes of issues, develop improvement options, implement solutions and establish process controls to ensure sustainability of the applied changes.  

Process Engineering

A data-driven quality strategy used to develop new processes. A DMADV project follows a systematic approach to understand current operations, document desired outcomes, design and implement new processes, then verifies that the implemented solution achieves the desired outcomes. 

Post Implementation Review

The performance review of a previously implemented process improvement. This review is typically performed six to twelve months after closure of the initial process improvement project. The project deliverables are aligned to provide insight into how the current process performance compares to the expected performance.  

Business Architecture​

An analysis of business operations to determine current capabilities and strategizing with business leadership to document desired outcome(s). A BPM Process Consultant works with the customer to develop a program road map and blueprint.